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64 Audio U18t Tzar 18 Drivers Universal IEM Earphones

Packed with an unbelievable 18 balanced armature driver per ear, the U18t is our top-of-the-line reference in-ear monitor. This industry-first design pushes the limits of what a reference monitor can be with incredible detail, extension, and unmatched clarity across all frequencies with a powerful low-end and extended sub-bass - just like its custom counterpart, the A18t. The A18t is preferred by critical listeners in engineering, monitoring and mixing, and audiophiles.

Each ergonomic shell is machined out of a solid piece of aluminium and finished with an elegant copper-patinated inlay on the faceplates.

U18t features the following unique technology:


U18t Universal In-Ear Monitors

64 Audio Personalized Protective Case


Cleaning Tool

Shirt Clip

TrueFidelity Eartips (S,M,L)

Silicone Eartips (S,M,L)

48" Detachable Premium Cable

m20 apex Modules

m15 apex Modules

Round Sticker

Product Manual