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Fidelice By Rupert Neve Precision DAC/ Headphone Pre Amplifier

With over five decades of experience producing equipment for the world’s finest studios and concert halls, Rupert Neve is revered by the world’s recording engineers and producers as the number one name in high-quality audio. Now, Rupert’s fifty-plus years of engineering have been distilled into the superlative core of your home listening system: The Precision Digital-to-Analog Converter. Whether you’re listening through one of the three dedicated headphone outputs, going DAC-direct to your monoblocks, or running it as a fully analogue preamp from balanced inputs to balanced outputs through Rupert Neve Designs’ famous custom audio transformers, the Precision DAC is a studio-quality control centre for your home system.


As in the professional recording environment, analogue signal quality is paramount to the listener’s experience, and Rupert Neve’s analogue circuit designs are world-renowned for their musicality and clarity. The Precision DAC is built around pure Class-A, high voltage topologies for extremely wide bandwidth and exceptional dynamic range, with balanced XLR inputs and outputs utilizing custom audio transformers based on those found in Rupert Neve’s classic studio designs. Just as they are crucial to perfecting the art of musical recording, these circuits and transformers are also the keys to the Precision DAC’s stunning playback resolution, and to its ability to produce a soundstage with visceral realism and unparalleled depth.