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Top-quality sound element

Fixed electrodes machined through stainless photo etching have been employed for the SR-L300, delivering a balance of rich deep bass response, delicate high frequencies and beautiful mid-range.

Slide-type arc assembly

The arc assembly of the SR-L300 uses a clever steps slider mechanism for exact head-pad height adjustment.

New low-capacitance OFC wide cable

The core wires use specially selected OFC cable in combination with a specially wide parallel structure across the whole cable to lower the capacitance between each wire strand.

High-quality artificial leather earpad

The high-quality flexible artificial leather ear pads ensure the SR-L300 is beautifully comfortable to wear

STAX SRM-252S Energiser (driver unit)

The SRM-252S is an exclusive driver unit (amplifier) for driving STAX ear speakers with PRO-bias 5 pins. Its line input can directly connect to the audio output terminal of a CD player, portable audio player and PC. With a simple design that excels in sound quality, it employs carefully selected high-voltage transistors and low-noise FETs. The output stage features an emitter-follower configuration that delivers superb driving performance.

Moreover, the class-A amplification throughout the stages has no coupling capacitors and reproduces the finest nuances in the music.

Although the SRM-252S includes a class-A DC amplifier in a compact CD size case, the internal heat is effectively dissipated through the aluminium chassis extrusions to improve the reliability over a long period of time. Also, the parallel output terminal has been added to distribute the source signal so that a loudspeaker may also be simultaneously used when source equipment has only a single pair of output terminals.


  • Type Push-pull electrostatic, oval sound element, rear open-air type enclosure
  • Frequency response 7 – 41,000Hz
  • Electrostatic capacitance 110pF (including attached cord)
  • Impedance 145kO (including attached cable, at 10kHz)
  • Sound pressure sensitivity 101dB / input 100Vr.m.s. / 1kHz
  • Bias voltage 580V DC
  • Ear pad High-quality artificial leather (for SR-L300 only)
  • Cable Parallel 6-strand, 2.5m full length, low-capacity special wide HiFC cableWeight || 448g (including attached cable) 322g (without cable)'L' and 'R' indicated on the arc assembly (inside head spring), solid line (left) and dotted line (right) on cable.
  • Frequency response DC - 35kHz
  • Rated input level 125mV (at 100V output)
  • Gain 58dB
  • Harmonic distortion 0.01% or less (at 100Vr.m.s. / 1kHz output)
  • Input impedance 50kO (RCA)
  • Input terminal RCA x 1
  • Maximum output voltage 280Vr.m.s. / 1kHz
  • Standard bias voltage DC580V
  • Power consumption 4W
  • Operating temperature / humidity 0 to 35 degrees C / less than 90% (non condensing)
  • Dimension 132 (W) x38 (H) x132 (D) mm (protruding portion not included)
  • Weight 540g Supplied with AC adapter

Backed with a 2-year Stax warranty

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