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Stax introduce the NEW SRM-D50 electrostatic energiser and DAC

Electrostatic energiser/DAC for Stax Electrostatic Earspeakers

ESS ES9018 DAC coupled with 'TI OPA1642' ultra-low distortion op-amp to achieve bit correct signal representation

XMOS USB interface supports DSD128 playback and PCM stream with up to 384KHz sample rate

This high-performance DAC can be connected to a MAC / PC or a variety of digital audio sources

Multiple digital inputs include USB, S/PDIF on RCA and Optical.

Analog input is via RCA Analog sources can also be connected

Amplifier circuitry based on discrete components - heritage from classical

STAX amplifier product A useful VU meter is cleverly housed in the front of the display

Standard STAX 5-Pin connector for all STAX headphones

Exquisitely built

The entire chassis is made from Aluminium reducing the effects of magnetic interference. The SRM-D50 features a one-piece wrap around the lid. This lid goes through several processes to achieve a smooth velvet feel. The Stax logo is engraved into the top of the lid.

High-resolution playback

On the digital side, the SRM-D50 uses an XMOS USB interface support for DSD 5.6MHz signal playback and PCM audio with up to 384KHz sample rate.

High-End DAC

On the digital conversion side, Stax chose to use the ESS ES9018 DAC. Renowned for its superb sound quality, the ES9018 is then fed to a 'TI OPA1642' ultra-low distortion op-amp to ensure the delicate bitstream remains unaltered.

Multiple input selection

The SRM-D50 features three digital inputs: USB, S/PDIF on RCA and Optical. Analog input is via RCA.

Traditional Stax amplifier circuit

The SRM-D50 features an original low noise dual FET first stage, connecting to an all stage direct coupled Class A DC amplifier, which features no coupling capacitors. This allows for the smallest nuances in the music to be reproduced. Improvements to the emitter follower at the output stage results in an extended dynamic range, natural tonality and inner detail.

Carefully selected components have been chosen not just for their long life and reliability but equally for their tonal quality and unmatched performance.

The SRM-D50 is a new generation electrostatic energiser

It allows multiple source selection, including high-resolution USB audio interface, S/PDIF and optical connection. This is coupled with a traditional analogue connection. Overall the SRM-D50 is a combination of modern aesthetic design, high-quality digital signal processing and the values of traditional Stax craftsmanship.


  • Frequency response20Hz - 40kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Rated Input Level130mV r.m.s
  • Maximum Input Level30V/ RCA, at minimum volume
  • Maximum Output Voltage400V RMS (1130Vp-p)
  • Gain59 dB
  • Harmonic distortion0.025% or less/1kHz-10kHz /When use with SR-L series
  • Input Impedance20kΩ (RCA)
  • Bias VoltageDC 580V
  • Digital InputUSB (type B) ×1、TOSLINK Optical ×1、COAX RCA ×1
  • Analog inputRCA ×1  
  • Mains voltageAC 110V / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption35W
  • Operating temperature0 to 35 degrees (Celsius) (less than 90% humidity, non condensing)
  • Dimension7.55(W) x 2.63(H) x 10.55(D) inches, 192(W)×67(H)×268(D) mm
  • Weight9.9 lbs / 4.5 kg

Backed with a 2-year Stax warranty

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